History of Columbus Jack & Regent

In 2017 ColumbusJACK was acquired by Tronair, Inc. Tronair is the premier supplier for ground support equipment offering a diverse and unparalleled GSE product line. The Tronair family includes ColumbusJACK, DatcoMedia, Eagle Tugs, and JetPorter Electric Towbarless Tugs. Tronair supports its customers with a global network of factory trained and authorized service centers.

In 2001 ColumbusJACK was acquired by Quality Products, Inc., a company with extensive experience in manufacturing of hydraulic machinery. In 2006  Regent Manufacturing’s was purchased and operations were relocated and consolidated with ColumbusJACK in Columbus, Ohio. ColumbusJACK was founded in the early 1940s with most of its production going to the U.S. military to meet the demands of the Korean conflict. The need to consistently comply with the tough military standards created a culture of product quality that has remained with the company to this day. Regent has served the international aviation industry since 1929. Their customer list has included most of the world’s airlines, airframe and aerospace manufacturing companies, as well as a number of military and government clients. Regent has participated in almost every major domestic and international aircraft and aerospace program since the beginning of World War II.

Today ColumbusJACK/Regent is the largest supplier of hydraulic jacks to the U.S. Defense Department. Our line of ground support equipment has grown to service all kinds of commercial, business and civilian aircraft as well. The company’s products are hard at work at airports and government installations around the world.