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Oxygen Cart 3 Bottle Capacity

Model #: 7090-011
Our three bottle Oxygen Servicing Cart is configured and designed for servicing aircraft oxygen systems. The low profile, low center of gravity and four-wheel design account for the trailer's stability and control during towing. The counter balanced "tilt up-right" bottle rack makes loading and unloading bottles a one-person operation.
Product Information
Cart Height 37.0 inches 940 mm
Wheel Base Length 70.0 inches 1,778 mm
Bottle Capacity 3 Bottles at 3000 PSI
High Pressure Delivery Capacity 0 - 3,000 psi 0 - 206.7 bars
High Pressure Hose Length 24.0 ft 7.3 m
Net Weight (Est.)sup1/sup 780 lb 354 kg
Available Optional Equipment Model 7090-F Gaseous Booster

Standard FeaturesFor servicing aircraft oxygen systems-
  • Bottle Frame - tilts up-right for ease of bottle removal and installation (Bottles not included) NOTE : Standard Gaseous Bottles are 9" to 10" diameter by 48" long.
  • Towing Clevis - mounted on rear for axle jack towing and swings away for ease of bottle removal and installation
  • Tow Bar - for ease of maneuvering. When stored in up-right lock position, the parking brake is actuated
  • Four Wheel Design - for sharp turn stability and safety, with low center of gravity
  • Delivery Capacity - Three (3) bottles delivering up to 3600 PSI which provides a maximum capacity of 1035 cubic feet of nitrogen through low and high pressure valves, gauges and hoses
  • One (1) High Pressure Nylon Hose with Urethane cover. Meets or exceeds SAE 100R8. Includes CGA580 fittings. (NOTE : Oxygen charging fittings for Boeing aircraft are optional-P/N 7090-D)
  • Tires - pneumatic tires to cushion and absorb shock
  • Maximum Speed - 20 MPH (32 kmh) towing speed when bottles are secured properly
  • Skydrol Resistant Yellow Paint
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Load Test Report
  • Factory New - 12 Month Warranty

Product Data Sheet:
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