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Tripod Aircraft Recovery System 50 Ton Capacity

Model #: 9162-012
The Low Profile Tripod-Style Recovery Jack can be manually or power operated from a remote console unit. Its tripod configuration is similar to standard maintenance tripod jacks except the ram has been replaced with a solid head and multi-stage hydraulic cylinder as used for each of the three legs. This design permits lateral movement of the jack head, within limits, to compensate and control the arc through which the aircraft jack point moves as the aircraft is righted to a level attitude. The advantage of the Tripod-Style System is that side loads are virtually eliminated and provides stability during the aircraft recovery.
Product Information
Minimum Height 21.0 inches 533 mm
Hydraulic Lift 49.0 inches 1,245 mm
Screw Extension 5.0 inches 127 mm
Maximum Height 75.0 inches 1,905 mm
Tripod Radius 40.0 inches 1,016 mm
Lateral Radius 4.5 inches 114 mm
Length 101.5 inches 2,578 mm
Height 59.0 inches 1,499 mm
Width 56.0 inches 1,422 mm
Tine Width 37.0 inches 940 mm
Required Console Air Pressure 110 psi 7.6 bars
Required Console Air Flow 150 scfm 70.8 dms
Reservoir Capacity 50 gal 189 L
Net Weight (Est.) 5,200 lb 2,359 kg
Skidded Dimensions (Est. - L x W x H) 60 x 60 x 35 inches 1,524 x 1,524 x 889 mm

Standard Features - Tripod
  • 50 Ton Capacity
  • Each leg independently controlled
  • Three (3) Color Coded Leg Assemblies with Quick Disconnects
  • Automatic Lock Nuts
  • Male & Female Adapters
  • Tow Bar Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Swivel Casters with Caster Locks (Maximum towing speed 5 MPH)
  • Forklift Capability
  • Skydrol Resistant Yellow Paint or to customer specifications
Standard Features - Console
  • Three (3) Color Coded Hand and Air Pumps
  • Three (3) Color Coded Hydraulic Pressure Gauges
  • Three (3) Color Coded 50 foot Hoses with Quick Disconnects
  • Three (3) Color Coded Hose Storage Racks
  • Swivel Casters
  • Forklift Capability
  • Tow Bar Assembly
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Load Test Reports
  • Factory New - 12 Month Written Warranty

Product Data Sheet:
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