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Universal Gse Trailer 7,000 Lb Capacity

Model #: 9655-010
Our Universal GSE Trailer's versatile design allows transport of powered and non-powered ground support equipment quickly and safely to any work site. Whether it's at the airport or through city streets and highways up to 55 MPH to neighboring airports, we make a Universal GSE Trailer that will meet your requirements. Transport aircraft recovery equipment such as Rhino Axle Jacks, Wheel & Brake Dollies, Nitrogen Servicing Units, Tires and Hand Tools to the recovery site on the ramp or runway; or transport disabled vehicles such as Forklifts, Gas or Electric Carts, Baggage Carts, Scissor and Personnel Lifts to work sites or repair shops. The Universal GSE Trailer can be used to transport Aircraft Landing Gear Assemblies, Platforms, Scaffolding and Rigging to various locations without the use of special equipment. Its usages are endless, valuable and economical. Trailer operations are accomplished by one person, either manually or by the use of a mechanical or electrical winch. Also, Flood Lighting Systems are available for those unexpected late night emergencies.
Product Information
Ramp Angle 6
Bed Height "Up" 14.0 inches 356 mm
Trailer Top Height "Up" 47.0 inches 1,194 mm
Bed SizeFlat Surface Width 75.0 inches 1,905 mm
Bed SizeFlat Surface Length 120.0 inches 3,048 mm
Overall Bed Size Width 75.0 inches 1,905 mm
Overall Bed Size Length 144.0 inches 3,658 mm
Overall Trailer Size Width 102.0 inches 2,591 mm
Overall Trailer Size Length 234.0 inches 5,944 mm
Net Weight (Est.) 2,980 lb 1,352 kg
Overall Dimensions(L x W x H) 234 x 102 x 47 inches 5,944 x 2,591 x 1,194 mm
Available Optional Equipment Nitrogen Charging System Battery Charger

Standard Features
  • 7,000 Lb Capacity
  • Hydraulically Operated Deck Lifting Device
  • With bed in up position, an over-center latch secures the bed from lowering during transport
  • Battery
  • Trailer Hitch, 2 5/16" Diameter Ball with Safety Chains
  • Swivel Caster Jack Stabilizer
  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • Hydraulic Surge Brakes
Transporting Considerations
  • Alligator, AOG and Rhino Axle Jacks - For Normal and Multi-Tire/Brake Changes
  • Tripod Jacks and Stanchions
  • Portable Under Axle Weighing/Jacking Systems
  • Aircraft Recovery Equipment (Air Bags, Control Consoles, Hoses, Compressor, Winches, Lighting, etc.)
  • Scissor and Personnel Lifts
  • Platforms, Scaffolding and Rigging
  • Disabled Forklifts, Electric or Gas Driven Carts, Baggage Carts, etc.
  • Aircraft Landing Gear Assemblies
  • Personnel Roll Away Tool Boxes
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Factory New - 12 Month Warranty

Product Data Sheet:
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