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Under Axle Jacking System

Model #: 9188-014
Our under axle Weighing System is designed to assist in weighing all narrow and wide body aircraft and interfaces with most major electronic weigh kit manufacturers. The system includes five 50-ton cylinders and one 10-ton cylinder that can be used in combination for both 3 and 5 point weighing applications. The Transportation Cart serves as the centralized control console for all cylinders for single point operation. In addition to storing all cylinders and interconnecting hoses, the Transportation Cart also provides a lockable storage and working area for the sensitive electronic weigh kit (i.e., kit storage box, electronic read-out, load cells, cables, etc.). Included is our exclusive EVAC-U-TRACT™ cylinder retraction assist. This allows for rapid cylinder ram retraction once the aircraft is no longer supported by the system cylinders, but by its own tires. This is of particular importance during the warming-up and zeroing of the load cells. For Product Specifications please download the PDF Detailed Specifications page.
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