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Fluid Dispenser

Model #: 1059-8400 "Exxon 2380" 5 Gallon (Open System)
"Exxon 2380" 5 Gallon (Open System)
Product Information

Standard Features
  • Translucent Container The natural colored polyethylene container makes fluid levels and colors easy to see.
  • Lightweight Durability The construction is light enough to handle easily, yet can withstand rugged abuse and extreme conditions.Reduced Contamination Threat The fill cap is fitted with a standard filler breather, reducing the threat of contamination. Or order the unit as a closed system and eliminate contamination and spills.
  • Weepage Eliminated The system pump is double sealed to eliminate weepage and to keep possible contamination from entering.
  • Compatibility Fluid Transfer Units are delivered with carefully selected seals and hoses to ensure compatibility with fluids being transferred.
  • East to Read Signage Signage on the container is color coded per industry standards making fluid recognition easy at a glance.
  • 10 Foot (2 Gal) / 25 Foot (5 Gal) Hose with 9/16-18, 37 Swivel
  • Totalizing Meter
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Closed System Kit

Product Data Sheet:
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