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Fly-a-way Axle Jack 35 Ton Capacity

Model #: 3507-56 FT
Our 35 Ton Fly-A-Way Axle Jack was designed to meet jacking specifications for normal flat tire/wheel and brake replacement, for both main and nose landing gears of most narrow and wide body airplanes. This jack provides maximum capacity within a light weight and compact configuration for air transportability to remote jacking sites. Its single wheel and pump/positioning handle provides an easy method in maneuvering the jack under aircraft jacking points. Our Fly-A-Way Axle Jack is completely self-contained with manual and air powered pumping units. The Evac-U-Tract™ provides an air assisted method of retracting the rams back down into the cylinder, allowing easy removal of the jack out from under the jacking point.
Product Information
Minimum Height 7.0 inches 178 mm
Hydraulic Lift 12.0 inches 305 mm
Screw Extension 3.5 inches 89 mm
Maximum Height 22.5 inches 572 mm
Width 7.0 inches 178 mm
Length of Base 20.0 inches 508 mm
Length 27.0 inches 686 mm
Net Weight (Est.) 300 lb 136 kg

Standard Features
  • Manual Hand Pump
  • Air Powered Pumping Unit
  • Evac-U-Tract™ -Air Assisted Ram Retraction
  • Mechanical Positioning Handle
  • Single Roller for ease of positioning
  • Skydrol Resistant Yellow Paint
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Load Test Report
  • Factory New - 12 Month Warranty

Product Data Sheet:
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