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Single Acting Alligator Axle Jack 65 Ton Capacity

Model #: 6509-56
Our Single-Acting Alligator Axle Jack is designed for normal Wheel/Tire and Brake Changes. The cylinder head is mounted on a T-frame with three casters and comes with Manual and Air Powered Pumping Units. It is also available with an Optional Pressure Gauge Assembly. The Evac-U-Tract™ feature utilizes the air or nitrogen supply that is being used to raise the jack. Once activated, the air supply automatically retracts the ram back down inside the cylinder assembly. This retraction will facilitate the easy removal of the axle jack out from under the aircraft jacking point. This same retraction permits the use of the cylinder rain cover which protects the cylinder assembly from physical and environmental damage.
Product Information
Vertical Capacity 65 58.9
Minimum Height 9.3 237
Hydraulic Lift 8.7 221
Screw Extension 4.25 108
Maximum Extended Height 22.25 566
Net Weight (Est.) 500 187
Crated Weight (Est.) 600 224
Crated Dimensions (Est. - L x W x H) 71 x 38 x 30 1,803 x 965 x 762
Cu. Ft. Crated (Est.) 32 0.9

Standard Features
  • 65 Ton Single-Acting Cylinder
  • Dual Manual Hand Pumps
  • Air Powered Pumping Unit
  • Evac-U-Tract™- Air Assisted Ram Retraction
  • 6" Diameter Casters
  • Tow Bar Assembly
  • Skydrol Resistant Yellow Paint
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Load Test Report
  • Factory New - 12 Month Written Warranty

Product Data Sheet:
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