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Fixed Height Tripod Jack 20 Ton Capacity

Model #: 2054-35
Our Fixed Height Tripod Jacks are used on and for specific aircraft jacking applications during normal aircraft maintenance checks. Our tripod jacks are designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, rugged use and to provide many years of continuous service.
Product Information
Vertical Capacity 20.0 18.2
Minimum Height 54.0 1372
Hydraulic Lift 40.0 381
Screw Extension 109.0 2769
Maximum Extended Height 109.0 2769

Standard Features
  • Constructed for ease of assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Manual & Air Powered Pumping Units Hydraulics, Dual Reading Pressure Gauge Assembly (Reading in Tons/PSI)
  • Steel Reservoir
  • Mechanical Lock Nut
  • Tow Bar Assembly
  • Spring Loaded Swivel Casters with Caster Locks (Maximum towing speed 5 MPH)
  • Adjustable Leveling Footpads with Bubble Level
  • Protective Cylinder Rain Cover
  • Skydrol Resistant Yellow Paint or to customer specifications
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Load Test Reports
  • Factory New - 36 Month Written Warranty
Item Download:
Detailed Specifications - PDF

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