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Multi-stage Tripod Jack 10 Ton Capacity

Model #: 2943-010
Our Tripod Jacks are used for specific aircraft jacking applications during normal aircraft maintenance checks. The automatic safety by-pass valve prevents the lifting of a load greater than the capacity of the jack. Threaded rams with mechanical lock nuts prevent lowering of the jack under load in case of hydraulic leakage. Our Tripod Jacks meet or exceed all known commercial and military requirements and specifications, and are cycle tested, load tested and proof-load tested to ensure the jack's hydraulic and structural integrity. They are designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, rugged use and to provide many years of continuous service.
Product Information
Cage Code 00994
NSN 1730-00-544-5646
Jack Type Multi-stage
Vertical Capacity 10.0 ton 9,072 kg
Min. Height 24.0 inches 610 mm
Hydraulic Lift 36.0 inches 914 mm
Screw Extension 4.0 inches 102 mm
Max. Height 64.0 inches 1,626 mm
Tripod Radius 19.2 inches 488 mm
Net Weight (Est.) 245 lb 111 kg
Overall Dimensions (Dia. x Height) 42 x 24 inches 1,067 x 610 mm

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